The Beauty’s pollution

The history of cosmetics dates back to Egyptians 7000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians wore make up out of lead ore and copper. Berries to darken lips and burnt matches to darken eyes.

The rise of cosmetics came from world war l and ll. Where the army needed to be sanitised to prevent infection and spread of diseases. New discoveries and inventions were made in cosmetics and improved sanitation. Plastics were invented to protect the package of the cosmetics because they were cheap and easy to mould into any shape.

Companies came up with new idea of Microbeads. These are the tiny pieces of plastic found in many very well known conventional beauty and skin care products.

  • These are less than 1mm in size. They cause scratching sensation in skin to rub of dead skin.
  • They help in increasing volume of the product and thickness of the fluid.
  • They help in hair fixation.
  • They are used in Foliating face, body scrubs, glittery make up, toothpaste, shower gel, etc…
  • Comes with no spill technology.

Microbeads of huge problems:

  • Microbeads are invisible and too small to drains to filter in the sewage treatment.
  • They are ingested by marine animals through intake other smaller organisms.
  • Micro plastics absorb highly toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals, persistent organic pollutants and organo chlorine pesticides which impact marine animals reproductive system.

  • In animal studies, chemicals used in cosmetics have been linked to altered pregnancy outcomes and birth defects.
  • Cosmetics chemicals like BHA and BHT, Tricloscan and Siloxames are harmful to marine life.
  • Plasticisers affect reproduction and induce genetic abnormalities. Microbeads do not break down, instead they accumulate and block excretion of enzymes in fishes which leads to death.
  • Diethanolamine is used in almost every cosmetic product which is also toxic. In th recent study 50% of the face washes and 67% facial scrubs contained heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

  • Micro plastics in toothpaste can get stuck in gums and trap bacteria leading to Gingivitis, later the infection moves to the gym into the bone holding teeth and resulting to gum bleeding.

  • We intake 7grams of plastic every week.
  • The marine food on our dinning table contains atleast a gram of placing which we intake through eating it.
  • 8billion tonnes of plastic is dumped in oceans every year.

Label content to be checked before buying the product:

The materials given below are the micro plastics. Check the contents before purchase of the product:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Polypropylene
  • Polylactic acid
  • Polystyrene
  • Nylon

Most of the companies do not mention the micro plastics due to the loopholes in cosmetic labelling requirements leads to incomplete ingredient list. Government of India doesn’t take any serious action on these products. Regular checks should be done while manufacturing the product.


  • We can use bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic ones
  • Organic face packs are good for the skin and cancer free, especially fruit packs.
  • Coconut oil: put a 5ml of oil in bath bucket, it acts as body lotion. It also acts as a anti-dandruff agent.
  • Henna is a natural dye for the hair.
  • Aloe Vera is a dry skin moisture and has anti inflammatory properties.
  • Garlic and Sandalwood can be used as anti acne creams.
  • Soapnuts and Shikakai is a gentle shampoo and free from sulfur.
  • Pomegranate seeds gives natural lip colour to the lips and prevents from drying up.

Any remedies in the comments section..

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  1. The consept of cosmetics plution is quite weird but tho it is true , the alternatives mentioned r really great idea of decreasing cosmetics but cannot be used for regular fast life . Indeed a goid article 😄

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