Bakeys: edible cutlery

Have you ever ate food using plastic cutlery(spoons, forks,etc…). Using plastic for eating is very harmful to us because, Plastic chemicals are linked to cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, hormonal imbalances, developmental & fertility effect.Every year 300 million tonnes plastic cutlery is disposed into the environment.
Plastic cutlery is non-degradable, it causes land pollution and doesn’t allow soil to absorb water as it blocks water from going inside.




Narayana PeesapatyIt is a hyderabad(Andhra Pradesh, India) startup. It started in 2010, with a initiative of providing alternative of plastic, wood, bamboo cutlery.The cutlery is made from jowar (the plant which takes less water). The jowar production can be an alternative for the farmers to grow crops when there is less rainfall, because most of the livelihood inĀ  India still depend on agriculture only.The cutlery is made from a dough of mixture of sorghum, rice and wheat flours. They bake it until it’s hardened. It softens when it is dipped in water for 10mins. It takes 6-7days to decompose after opening. The bakey’s spoons are available in 3 flavours: plain, sweet, savoury. In sweet spoons we get flavours like vanilla, strawberry, etc. In savoury they add up the Indian spices for taste. We can eat the spoons or throw it away for other organisms to eat. They are crispy to bite and taste good.Still hungry, just eat these spoons with a great taste.

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